About YSU
Opening college gates


Shararat isn't just a word. To us, it's a way of life.
Welcome to the world’s leading education institution for shararat!

Reputed faculty

6 professors so mischievous, they founded YSU – the world’s first institute for the mischievously challenged. Our professors were the original pranksters, and now they’re teaching the world how to be one too. Learn mischief from the real professionals.

Brilliant students

Some universities reject students because they're too playful and fun. We reject students that aren't. At YSU, we encourage our students to ask themselves, "Do you take your fun seriously?" That’s why some of the most mischievous students in the whole wide world choose to come to our institution.

World class infrastructure

No shararat is complete without the facilities to support it. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure will make you feel like committing acts of mischief non-stop, with industry-leading stockpiles of invisible ink, fake limbs, and hundreds of other gags and props.

State of the art programme

Shararat for every occasion – from practical jokery to advanced theory – we teach it all. No other institution in the world boasts such an in-depth education in mischief.